Friday, December 12, 2008

Malayalam Actress Maya Unni wallpapers

Maya Unni is another new actress i have to intorduce to you all. She definitely has the facial expressions and beautiful smile to be in Tamil movies. She also likes to dress in saree and i have 3 or more photos of her in a cream coloured sari. Evethough i searched for her videos i could not get anything, so i thought of our malayalam actress Divya Unni who acted in Churam and i have added a video of Divya Unni in Mundu and Blouse in "Churam" the old movie. We have to wait for some more time to get more information of Maya Unni as she has only started getting popular in movies.
Movies from South india are favourite of a large number of people in india. Now Indian cinema is in a prospering and now we have many films that spend large amounts in their budget and these are also released on all centres on the same day itself. Bollywood is the number one industry in case of producing films and Telugu movies are on the second position with millions of film lovers. Malayalam films and Tamil film industries are very much popular in India. Modelling is the first stage
Unexpectedly lot of girls are coming into acting from various locations in india. And sadly many of them ar cheated or get the bad luck to continue as exactress in films. Maya the tamil heroine has a very nice smile Many actress in Inian Cinema are unknown to us as it sometimes get really difficult to remember all the actress from Hindi, Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu cinemas. So some old actress who were the greatest masalas of that time are also unknown to us. So let us meet some of them and it will be really energising to see this photo gallery of old actress in Blouse and Saree and also that they wear mundu also.
Now television shows are the major places from where new actress and actors are selected by directors. Now everything is at a faster phase with hundreds of new actress coming every month. Actress are also coming in thousands. Many new changes are coming with new technology sounds of movies everything being changing with new years. These also include many songs also which are very important for a film to win financially. I am also a part of this industry where I publish pictures and also sometimes make reviews of films. Film industries are also in other parts of india namely Oriya, Kannada films, Assamese, Marathi. I also post photos that are very difficult to find in web.
These photos are really very difficult to find in todays cinema world which is very wide. Most of these pictures are of malayalam and tamil actress coming from Mollywood and Kollywood film industries. Some of them may be known to you and i till now dont know why people get attracted more to old things rather than new ones. Were old actress so beautiful than the new arising celebrities. It is true that old heroines are more beautiful and have the acting skills.
This is the latest collection of Sexy Photos of Celebrities from india and many other countries. I like to select Actress or girls who are very sexy and beautiful than anyone else. Some Women from india are more sexy when they are in Sarees or Cholis. There are also many latest collection of actress which have been taken from many hot movies that most people like you have always wanted to have. So start enjoying the Photos i have uploaded for your entertainment. If there has been anything left out or you prefer to have any special actress to be featured here,just let me know and i will be out with them with their latest photos. These are really liked by people who are the fans ofBollywood,Kollywood, Tollywood,Hollywod Movies.
Malayalam films have recently seen the divorce of famous actress Urvasi with Manoj. Now Kavya madhavan is also leaving films. So we can hope new and new actress will come everyday into acting so that we can watch better films that have a good story for viewers who like it. Kavya Madhavan, sanusha, Shafna, Navya Nair, Bhavana, Samvritha, Muktha are now the leading actress in Malayalam. Mollywood actress are known all over the world with Kavya Madhavan, Navya Nair,Sheela,Menaka, Sindhu and many more heroines who look very smart and nice.

I also publish technology sites and religious ones also. I like to select Actress who are very charmimg and beautiful than anyone else. There are also many latest collection of actress which have been taken from many movies that most people like you have always wanted to have. So start enjoying the Photos i have uploaded for your entertainment. I have also prepared sites on recipes and I like to provide new sites to people looking for information . Hindi actress are always very attractive and their cinemas in Bollywood has made India a popular film industry.

Bolly wood films give more importance to Music and its melodious songs and item dance numbers make the success of the film predictable. Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha are the most famous heroines in Bollywood whereas the most popular actors in Hindi cinemas are Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan now doing Gajini, Salma Khan, Akshay Kumar,Sanjay Dutt. Munna Bhai MBBS starred by Sanjay Dutt was such a film that became a super duper hit because of its dialogues and sexy song that became very popular in that movie of Ragasya.

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