Friday, February 29, 2008

Thoughts For Bride & Groom!!!!!

Bride Groom Thoughts
For those who are Married as well
as for those who will get Married.
- Sharing A Few Thoughts For Would Be Grooms -
- Rule No. 01 -

Never compare your amma's cooking with your wife's.

There is no faster way to dig your own grave than that.

Please understand that your mom's cooking has

the backing of 20 odd years of experience...

don't expect that from your wife whose

hardly into the process.

What if she were to compare your earning capacity

with her dad's.. So shshshhhhh..!

- Rule No. 02 -

Never go out of your way to please the lady with

flowers, chocolates and gifts during your engagement period.

If ever you do , please follow it up post-wedding too.

When you could cover 20kms in 15 minutes

when you are engaged just to spend some time with her,

how dare you forget her birthday post - marriage,

even after you are given the broadest of hints by her.

Remember expectations always double...

ever heard of them being halved?

- Rule No. 03 -

Do compliment her every now and then, verbally or with gifts!

What are those lovely Teddies and Archies gift cards for?

Don't sit there like the Lord Of The Rings

expecting to be waited upon!

Of course she will do it but everyone likes to be

appreciated and pampered.

- Rule No. 04 -

This is very important. Sulking or complaining about marriage

being a big mistake is a strict NO -NO.

You got into it with your eyes wide open, brimming with enthusiasm.

No one ever pushed you into it.

So why this drama now.

- Rule No. 05 -

Be Brave and take your own decisions

and stand up by them.

Consult your parents for advice but realise

that you are grown up enough to lead your life.

Respect your partner's views at all times!

Remember she has given up a lot more to make a life with you!!

- Sharing Thoughts For WouldBbe Brides -

[Don't know how many will take it in the right sense. But still]

- Rule No. 01 -

Don't expect too much from him.

Less the expectations lesser the disappointments.

- Rule No. 02 -

Don't ever dare to plan any outing or movie on a day

when there is an interesting cricket match going on.

REMEMBER SPORTS is more important to him than anything else.

U spoil his day n He spoils urs .

- Rule No. 03 -

Over Emotions, Sentiments... Woha... What are these?

Tears are not going to give any results either.

It's just a temp. attention tht u get.

No one likes Cry Babies m Whining Wifes.

- Rule No. 04 -

Never dare to cross with his mother.Even if he says "My Mom's cooking is the best.

U are nothing in front of her." take it easily with a smile.

Tell him tht u are learning from his mother and will try to do it better.

U are not gonna lose anything.

- Rule No. 05 -

Try to know his friends and understand that they are also part of his world.

Allow him to spend few weekends or occasional night out parties with his friends.

But at the same time make sure that u get u r due importance!

It must not be tht he roams arnd with his friends forgetting that you exist at home.

- Rule No. 06 -

Don't start fighting for silly things.Forgetting bthdays n Anniversaries is not a big mistake.

Men are not blessed with 2 GB RAM for storing everything in main memory.

If you are very particular abt present gifts n parties on u r bthdays n anniversaries.

make sure u remind them well in advance by some means

(I know it sounds stupid. But if u are so particular, Do it for u r own good)

- Rule No. 07 -

Take him for your shopping only if he's interested.

If you are going for Window Shopping or for saree purchase,Better go with your friends/go alone.

He is better at office/home watching cricket.

- Rule No. 08 -

Give him importance always.

After all life is giving and taking something in understanding others

With Regards,




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Who cares what the neighbors think? Let's build a house that looks like a snail shell! That's just what a Mexico City couple did, with the help of the astonishing imagination of those wild and wooly architects at Senosiain Arquitectos.

Dubai to Build World's Largest Arch Bridge

Dubai is set to spend $817-million on building the world's largest arch bride, at 617-feet tall and 1-mile in length. Expect it to be in service by 2012.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rarest Items in the World Travel Trips

Rarest Travel Trips

What is the rarest trip? There's no real consensus on this, but blogger Deidre Woodward says that the trek to summit Mount Everest still remains among the rarest trips in the world. But even this has become something that is accessible to more people. In two months and for around $60,000 you can join a group and make the attempt of a lifetime.

Rarest Items in the World Coins

Rarest Coins

As a general rule the more rare a coin is the more it's worth, so what's the rarest coin ever? It's a debatable subject as not all experts always agree, but if the Double Eagle isn't at the top of that list it's sure near it. Back in 2002 the only Double Eagle coin left to be in private hands (or so everybody thought) sold for $7.9 million dollars.

Rarest Items in the World Vases

Rarest Vases

In 2006, a 20-inch high blue and white Yuan Dynasty vase fetched over $2 million. That sounds rare but at the end of that year, casino owner Steve Wynn paid even more for a rare vase. The small copper red and white porcelain vase, is a 14th century Ming vase ( pic. left) decorated in scrolling flowers. It is from the exceptionally rare Hongwu period and went for around $10.9 million, making it the world's most expensive.

Rarest Items in the World Wine

Rarest Wine

One of the rarest bottles of wine ever sold was purchased by Christopher Forbes for a mere £105,000 ($160,000). It was an unmarked green glass bottle with the inscription of "1787 Lafitte Th. J." (now known as Lafite and thought to be owned by Thomas Jefferson), found behind a wall in Paris.

Rarest Items in the World Necklaces

Rarest Necklaces

In the world of rare necklaces, a couple million dollars doesn't get you much. Even ten million dollars is cheap for these babies. The most expensive necklace may likely be one built around the Blue Empress, a rare natural blue diamond. The pear-shaped diamond weighs about 14 carats. It is set in 18k white gold and surrounded with white diamonds. It's estimated to be worth $16 million.

Rarest Items in the World Books

Rarest Books

There are countless rare books in the world, but by most experts' standards the rarest of them all is the Gutenberg Bible. It was the first book ever printed back in 1456, and although several hundred copies were originally printed finding a complete first edition would net you $25-$35 million. In today's market single pages alone go for $25K each, and several years ago just 1 volume (it's a 2 volume set) sold for $5.5M.

Rarest Items in the World Horses

Rarest Horses

The Sorraia Horse is said to be the direct descendant of the wild Iberian horse but only 200 currently remain living in South Iberia. The Tiger Horse is a rare breed which is said to have existed in Ancient Spain and the beginning of the New World. Rare in terms of its abilities and characteristics, is the Lipizzaner ( pic. left). Bred for its military prowess, one of these animals can sell for up to $100,000.

Rarest Items in the World Real Estate

Rarest Real Estate

At the intersection of location, exclusivity and history you find some of the rarest pieces of real estate. With that criterion, blogger's pick for the rarest piece of real estate currently on the market is Bran's castle, the castle in Transylvania that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula, which is expected to fetch upwards of $135 million.

Rarest Items in the World Comic Books

Rarest Comic Books

One of the rarest comic books still in existence in near-perfect condition is an issue of "Amazing Spider-Man #1," rare not only because of its singularity but also because of its quality. The comic book sold for only 12 cents per copy when it was published in March 1963, and is now worth over $40K -- not an exceedingly high price for comic books -- but extremely rare in such pristine condition.

Rarest Items in the World Baseball Cards

Rarest Baseball Cards

In February 2007, a "near mint-mint" Honus Wagner sold for $2.3 million, at that point probably the highest sale for a baseball card in history. Then, in September 2007, the same card was reportedly sold again. This time for $2.8 million to a private collector. The card in question, a T206 Honus Wagner, was made by the American Tobacco Company in 1909. It has been called the "Mona Lisa of baseball cards."

Rarest Items in the World Sea Salt

Rarest Sea Salt

The earliest known sea salt produced by the Japanese may be the rarest of all. Called Amabito No Moshio ("Ancient Sea Salt"), unpolluted sea water is collected from the Seto-uchi inland sea, infused with seaweed to develop the "unami", and then processed by cooking in an iron kettle, put into a centrifuge, and finally, cooked over an open fire while stirring constantly. The salt is worth over $40 per pound.

Rarest Items in the World Stamps

Rarest Stamps

According to Wikipedia, the most expensive item by weight and volume is the Treskilling Yellow stamp from Sweden. It has a current estimated worth of $2.3 million. Here's what makes it so valuable: In 1858, when the currency was known as the skilling, the 3-skilling stamp ("treskilling") was printed in blue. And an 8-skilling stamp was printed in yellow. But due to a printing error, a few 3-skilling stamps were printed in yellow.

Rarest Items in the World Cats

Rarest Cats & Dogs

Of the rarest cat breeds, the Ashera ( pic. left) is the most expensive ($20K+), the Sokoke the most exotic (from the wilds of Africa), and the Egyptian Mau has the coolest history (lived with the Egyptians). As for dog breeds, the one that keeps popping up on all the "rare" lists is the Lundehund, originally bred by the Vikings to hunt Puffins. Other rare breeds include Otterhounds and Stabyhounds.

Rarest Items in the World Rarest Signature

Rarest Signature

He may have done a lot of writing, but with only 6 of them in existence William Shakespeare' s signature is one of the rarest of all and is valued somewhere around $3 million dollars.

Rarest Items in the World rarest gem

The world's rarest gem is believed to be painite, a gem that most have never heard of. The painite is orangish or reddish brown and was first discovered in Burma in the '50s. Within the last couple of years, the source of the two original painite crystals was discovered and now a few hundred faceted stones exist. A more well-known (but still very rare) gem is the red diamond